Professional Remodeling Contractor State College, PA

After many years of use, homes need repairs and remodeling. Remodeling makes your home feel fresh and new once again. Remodeling also improves the overall value of your home, and you will greatly benefit if you decide to sell your house later on.  B3 contracting can help you remodel various parts of your home. We offer interior and exterior remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, amongst other home additions. We also provide painting, decking, and roofing services.

There are various ways of remodeling your home. At B3 Contracting, we will allow you to pick out a certain style or design that makes you happy. For instance, you may go for vintage and a more homey feel.  You may also be into new and contemporary home designs. Whatever our style, we will work to exceed your expectations.

During home remodeling, many people often give priority to the kitchen.  When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we have it all! You may choose from our granite countertops and islands. Most homeowners seeking an upgrade that will last for a long time go for granite. Granite is popular for its shine and high durability.

As much as anyone can paint, there is much more to painting than meets the eye.  Interior and exterior painting involve more than just picking a brush and applying paint. At B3 Contracting, we will not just focus on changing the color of your home but also in improving your home value. Even if you do not have plans to resell your home, you still need to maintain high aesthetic standards by only working with a professional painter.

Contact us today for all your remodeling, renovation, home addition, painting, and roofing needs. We have helped many people in Altoona, PA, to transform their homes. We would be happy to assist you to enhance the overall appearance of your home.